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Poor hiding power


Substrate shows through. Old paintwork or body filler spots: are not hidden by the topcoat.


  1. Color of substrate not matched
  2. Color with poor hiding power (e.g., no heavy metal pigment)
  3. Topcoat overthinned
  4. Topcoat not stirred properly prior to use
  5. Paint layers applied too thinly


  1. For translucent colors in particular (pearl effects in a three-layer system), a uniform substrate is required.
  2. For colors with poor hiding power, use Glasurit 285-95 HS Tintable Filler (see image below). Alternatively, use primer filler/surfacer mixed at a level of brightness matching the topcoat, such as Glasurit 285-55 HS VOC Primer Filler black mixed with 285-65 HS Primer Filler white, or, with the wet-on-wet method, Glasurit 285-39 VOC Non-Sanding Filler dark grey mixed with 285-38 VOC Non-Sanding Filler white.
  3. Stir the paint material thoroughly and thin only as specified.
  4. Spray sufficiently thick coats and allow for sufficient flash-off times between coats (solid colors 50-70 µm, metallic effects 15-25 µm).


After drying, sand down and apply a new finish.