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Orange peel effect


Poor surface texture of the paint finish (poor spray pattern)



  1. Spraygun held too far from object
  2. Spray pressure too low (poor atomization)
  3. Paint film too thin
  4. Viscosity too high (paint too thick)
  5. Hardener and/or thinner too fast for the conditions or size of object
  6. Spray nozzle too small
  7. Flash-off time too long between coats


Scale 1:1


  1. Keep spraygun within the recommended distance from the object. 
  2. Ensure spray pressure is as recommended. 
  3. Always apply wet coats. 
  4. Adjust paint viscosity as recommended. 
  5. Choose correct hardener and thinner ( temperature table). 
  6. See tech data for correct choice of spray nozzle. 
  7. Allow a long enough flash-off between coats.


For minor problems, sand down with P1200, polish with Glasurit 562-1602 Fine Polishing Compound and finish with any standard high-gloss polish. For major problems, sand down completely and apply a new finish.