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Glasurit sustainability

Sustainable solutions from Glasurit

Would you like to achieve long-term success with your bodyshop? Then sustainability will be an interesting topic for you, too!

For Glasurit, sustainability means aligning economic success with social and ecological responsibility. For business success to be long-lasting, you need to include people and the environment in your activities.

The best part: Sustainable actions often pay off directly for bodyshops.

Bodyshops that use less material thanks to our basecoats with high hiding power conserve resources and save money, to boot. And since they use less energy thanks to our extremely fast-drying clearcoats, these bodyshops protect the environment and save energy costs at the same time.

The topic of sustainability is not new to Glasurit. We have already been setting standards for this area for over 20 years.

  • Example 1: Glasurit introduced the 90 Line waterborne basecoat system back in 1992, making it a pioneer for low-solvent refinish products.
  • Example 2: For over 15 years, our Glasurit RATIO Concept Plus has supported bodyshops in making their processes more efficient and saving material and costs in the process.

Learn more about Glasurit's sustainable solutions and how bodyshops benefit from them in our brochure and through our Glasurit Sustainability app, which you can download here.