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Loss of gloss


Mat or matted paint surface.


  1. Paint sinkage
  2. Excessive film thicknesses
  3. Weathering (results of the action of sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide combined with moisture and/or severe UV radiation)
  4. Wrong amount of hardener
  5. Poor or incorrect paintwork care
  6. Incorrect polishing (polish too aggressive or polished in direct sunlight)
  7. Weathered surfaces due to poor paintwork aftercare
  8. Car wash brushes too coarse
  9. Car cleaning agent too aggressive or concentrated
  10. Newly repaired paintwork weathered too early. Thick coats or newly repaired paintwork are sensitive to condensation (below dew point)
  11. Insufficient air circulation during drying


  1. See entry on “Sinkage”.
  2. Keep to recommended film thicknesses. Use the Glasurit grey shade concept for poor covering colors (yellow/red). The Glasurit grey shade concept comprises the Glasurit HS primer fillers 285-505 gray, 285-555 black and 285-655 white.
  3. Ensure regular paintwork after-care.
  4. Keep to recommended mixing ratios.
  5. See entry on “Aftercare of vehicle paintwork”.
  6. Keep to recommended film thicknesses and drying times.
  7. Check air circulation, replace floor and ceiling filters if necessary. If in doubt, consult your spraybooth manufacturer.
  8. See entry on “Sinkage”.


First polish with Glasurit 562-1602 Fine Polishing Compound and finish with any standard high-gloss polish. If the gloss cannot be restored, you need to repaint.