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Network and reference bodyshops

Do you need a qualified bodyshop?

The finish is a key factor for a classic car's visual appearance. Repairing older paintwork calls for a great deal of experience and sensitivity.

For this reason, we recommend that you use only certified professionals to carry out your refinishing work. Only they can guarantee that your classic car will soon regain its perfect surface and maintain its value.

Here you will find our network of certified Glasurit bodyshops that are specialized in refinishing classic cars. The experts there know their craft. They can repair cosmetic damage to make annoying scratches disappear, invisibly blend a panel repair into existing paintwork and use overall resprays in a contemporary color to ensure that your classic car maintains its value.

“The paint and car body companies selected by Glasurit as cooperation partners are the only workshops which we can safely recommend.”

Martin Stromberg, Managing Partner of the Classic Data network of experts, with 400 affiliated expert market leaders in Germany.