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Decomposition of the binding agents at the paint surface resulting in the release of the color pigments.


  1. Wrong amount of hardener
  2. Topcoat film builds too high
  3. Weathering (aggressive environmental influences such as sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide combined with moisture and/or severe UV radiation)
  4. Poor paintwork aftercare


  1. Keep to recommended amount of hardener.
  2. Keep to recommended film builds. For colors with poor hiding power (yellow/red), use Glasurit 285-95 HS Tintable Filler as an undercoat to impart the color (in keeping with the practice in the automotive industry).
  3. Regular paintwork aftercare (see "Aftercare of vehicle paintwork").


First polish with Glasurit 562-1602 Fine Polishing Compound and finish with any standard high-gloss polish. If you are unable to repair the chalked surfaces in this manner, you will need to sand the defective layer and repaint it.