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Glasurit Educate

Develop the next generation

Glasurit Automotive Refinish is a part of BASF Coatings, which is one of the biggest suppliers of automotive refinish and OEM paint in the world. Glasurit is working with schools around the world to help raise the standards of training and development of automotive paint technicians.

We are also keen to raise the awareness of potential experts about the opportunities that the automotive industry can bring to those who are interested in cars and already have some practical skills.

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Career development opportunities

A career in the automotive industry is interesting and rewarding, it provides an opportunity to work in many different fields and on many and varied types of vehicle; from new cars to vintage vehicles.

Look in any car magazine or classic car magazine, race track or just on the street where you live. All of these cars needed painting when they were made, and most will need at least some paint work in the future.

There are also opportunities for your career development.

  •     Bodyshop supervisor / manager
  •     OEM representative
  •     Color designer / matcher
  •     Teacher at a vocational school disseminating your knowledge and skills back to young people like you
  •     Technical representative or sales person for a paint manufacturer. Qualified painters have become senior managers in the industry.

The opportunities are really many and varied and can be very well paid too.

Glasurit Educate - Azubi
Glasurit Educate - Azubi
Glasurit Educate - Azubi

The training process

When you graduate from a vocational school, you will have a qualification which proves your competence and ability to work on the most prestigious cars in the world. Courses normally consist of a mix of school and work in a real bodyshop where you will be able to put into practice what you learn as well as earn money at the same time.

Schools in different countries have different processes, but normally you would expect anything from 1 to 2 years to be fully qualified and possess a certificate to prove your education.

Are you interested in training at Glasurit? Then find out more at the Glasurit Career Portal.

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