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Profit Manager

Premium bodyshop management

From a simple color search to complete bodyshop management, the Profit Manager software has supported bodyshops throughout the world in optimizing their workflows since 2003. With its tried and tested and easy-to-use functions, it facilitates color and material management and allows precise cost calculation.

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Professional tools for computer-assisted bodyshop management:

Over 8,000 bodyshops in 30 different countries use the Profit Manager to control and manage every step of the refinishing process. Whether you prefer the sleek Profit Manager starter, the standard version, or the Profit Manager Pro all-round solution, your Glasurit specialist has the right version to fit bodyshops of any size.

Glasurit Profit Manager Starter: Basic program for small bodyshops
Glasurit Profit Manager: Meeting the needs of small and medium-sized bodyshops
Glasurit Profit Manager Pro: All-around management tool for professional bodyshop management

Find the right color – quickly and reliably

The basic Profit Manager starter program is especially well-suited for small bodyshops that want to try out computer-assisted color management. Once you have entered the make, model, year and main color, in a matter of seconds the program displays the possible color, indicates the primary colors it needs to be mixed from and the amount of paint required to repair a particular spot.
In addition to the mixing formulas of all car manufacturers and predefined paint systems, Profit Manager starter also provides you with technical information and material safety data sheets. In addition, individually printed labels help you keep tabs on the products in your workshop.

GLASURIT PROFIT MANAGER – Professional color management for use with standard scales.

Profit Manager is geared toward the requirements of small and medium-sized bodyshops that wish to combine computer-assisted color management with the scales they already use. Profit Manager can also be used with standard scales to precisely control the weighing in of various paint colors.

In additional to all of the functions of the starter version, Profit Manager also offers:

  • interfaces to all standard mixing scales 
  • creation and archiving of your own custom colors
  • online update 
  • standardized and user-defined reports 
  • individual data entry of product prices 
  • software installation support and hotline
  • Spectrophotometry with Glasurit RATIO Scan II*

You can upgrade to Profit Manager Pro quickly and easily at any time – while keeping your familiar user interface.

* The activation key for Glasurit RATIO Scan II can be purchased via Glasurit eShop.

GLASURIT PROFIT MANAGER PRO – All-round convenience for bodyshop management

For color identification & matching, material use and order management, as well as cost control, Profit Manager Pro adds to the advantages offered by its “little brothers”, making it an all-round management tool for professional bodyshop management.

The following features will help you keep all important aspects of your bodyshop under control – at all times:

  • color search
  • material management
  • order management
  • reporting
  • user management
  • touchscreen operation
  • Color measurement with Glasurit RATIO Scan II*

There’s no more detailed way to track workflows and material use than with Profit Manager Pro, allowing you to save time and money. We will of course help you choose the right system components, install Profit Manager Pro at your bodyshop and provide training for your employees to use the program.

* The activation key for Glasurit RATIO Scan II can be purchased via Glasurit eShop.