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Carmakers (OEMs)

Close collaboration with the automotive industry

We work in close collaboration with all carmakers (OEMs) worldwide. Proof of this is the fact that Glasurit as a premium BASF brand has been granted the most manufacturer's technical approvals in the industry.

OEM-Freigaben für PKW | Glasurit
OEM-Freigaben für NFZ | Glasurit

Your benefits at a glance

  • All products in the Glasurit RATIO System are suitable for warranty repair.
  • In many countries, we train manufacturer-approved bodyshops and therefore help secure and refine the manufacturers' quality standards.
  • For many manufacturers, BASF is the paint partner of choice, starting with automotive OEM coating.
  • This proximity gives our Glasurit premium paint brand a significant advantage. That's because only a small development step separates the new BASF trend color for the next vehicle generation from the perfect refinishing solution made by Glasurit.