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Scratches from car wash brushes


Thread-like fine scratches which are often in parallel lines and are particularly visible on darker colors. The surface has a reduced gloss level and appears grey in shade.


  1. Hand-wash brush or car wash brushes which are too coarse and/or dirty
  2. Insufficient pre-wash with insufficient amount of water
  3. Exposing newly repaired paintwork to a car wash too early. A newly applied coating is less scratch-resistant when the paint is not dried for long enough or when excessive coats are applied or the wrong amount of hardener is used
100 x magnification


  1. Use suitable and clean brushes.
  2. Thoroughly pre-clean the car with plenty of water.
  3. Avoid washing the car too quickly after it received a new finish (see entry on “Aftercare of vehicle paintwork”). Keep to recommended film thicknesses, drying times and amount of hardener.


Polish with Glasurit 562-1602 Fine Polishing Compound and finish with any standard high-gloss polish. Damage caused by car wash brushes cannot easily be prevented. Some cars are supplied with a scratch-resistant OEM clearcoat. We recommend repairing these coatings with Glasurit 923-447 HS VOC Clear, scratch-resistant. Glasurit 923-447 VOC is also suitable for use with other car models.