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Polishing marks


Very fine lines in the paint surface with a low gloss and grayish appearance.


  1. The sensitivity of the paint surface to polishing marks is greater when: the paint has not been allowed to dry for long enough; the film thickness is too high; the incorrect choice or amount of hardener has been used
  2. Excessive pressure has been exerted on the polishing machine, (polish burnt in)
  3. Polishing machine tilted during polishing process
  4. Wrong polishing head
  5. Aggressive/coarse polishing paste
  6. Polishing when the painted surface is too hot from the oven or in direct sun light
Scale 1:1


  1. Ensure the correct film thickness, drying times and amount of hardener and thinner are observed. Before polishing, allow the paint layers to dry sufficiently (rebake using infrared if necessary).
  2. Do not press too hard or tilt the polishing head and use the correct head for the application being carried out.
  3. Ensure that the paint surface is cool and/or not in the sun.


Polish with any standard high-gloss polish. If necessary, start polishing with Glasurit 562-1602 Fine Polishing Compound.