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Color retrieval: With the Color Profi System

Efficient color identification

The Glasurit Color Profi System (CPS) is a sophisticated system of color chips coated with original paint. The front of the chip shows the respective color as a spray-out, while the back features the barcode and color code that the spray painter can use to find the corresponding mixing formula for the color with the computer.

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Farbton finden: Color Profi System - Farbmuster | Glasurit
  • The colors on the CPS color chips match the color of the corresponding mixing formulas exactly
  • You can forego the creation of spray-outs, save time and material sustainably – and significantly reduce the number of off-color paint mixtures
  • In contrast to its competitors, Glasurit has arranged its system by color groups, not by manufacturers. One color chip can represent the colors of different manufacturers. The color chips are grouped into handy color blocks and can be used for comparison directly on the vehicle
  • If the suggested refinish color does not exactly match the paint on the vehicle being repaired, various color chips located next to the first chip will enable you to find a suitable alternative immediately. This allows you to get to the perfect refinish color more quickly!

As with all our color tools, we have perfectly coordinated the CPS with our other products and systems. Use the manufacturer and color code to find the corresponding color chip in the Glasurit Color Profi System, both in Glasurit Color Online and in the Glasurit Profit Manager

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If the CPS color chips do not have the shade you need, it is worth taking a look at the Glasurit Color Online database (see Find color code). Service mixing formulas are stored here that were produced by the Glasurit color lab as a customer request.

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Farbton finden: Color Profi System - Farbtonabgleich | Glasurit

Glasurit offers the following systems for metallic and solid colors:



Bodyshops that use CPS3 or CPS2 do not need to switch systems. If you have performed the updates regularly, your Color Profi Systems will be just as current as CPS4 and will continue to be updated in the future.