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Bodyshop Design

Boost your efficiency with good bodyshop design.

Are you planning to open a new bodyshop or remodel or expand your bodyshop? If so, you can rely on consultancy and bodyshop design from Glasurit. We combine your desires and our experience, creating a bodyshop that completely meets every one of your requirements. Here, workflows are streamlined to eliminate all unnecessary steps.

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A well-designed bodyshop makes all the difference

A well-planned bodyshop entails short distances between the various work stations, optimum workflows and fully exploited capacity. It is an important basis for efficient work and economic success. The Glasurit consultant will always ensure the optimal arrangement and utilization of your shop's machines and employees:

  • Individual needs analysis for bodyshop equipment
  • Calculation of the needed capacities
  • Software-assisted development of a 3D model
  • Optimization of the workflow in the 3D model

As your partner, we not only take your desires into account, but also analyze the consequences, calculate costs and provide you with in-depth consultancy. You will have an efficient bodyshop that meets all of your needs and you will profit from the experience we have gained in planning hundreds of bodyshops at the same time. Profitability can be planned. Take full advantage of maximum productivity.

Is your bodyshop already set up? With Glasurit's Bodyshop Audit you can identify potential in your ongoing operations.

Werkstattplanung: Bodyshop Design - Lackiererei | Glasurit
Werkstattplanung: Bodyshop Design - Lackiererei 1 | Glasurit

Glasurit Werkstattplanung heißt unser Angebot, bei dem wir mit Ihnen Schritt für Schritt die optimale Lösung für Ihre Anforderungen entwickeln. Glasurit Werkstattplanung ist ein Angebot aus unserem Service- und Beratungsprogramm Glasurit RATIO Concept Plus, mit dem wir seit mehr als 10 Jahren Werkstätten bei der Effizienzsteigerung unterstützen.

With Glasurit Bodyshop Design, we work with you to develop the ideal solution for your requirements, step by step. Glasurit Bodyshop Design is an offer from our Glasurit RATIO Concept Plus service and consultancy program, which we have used for over 10 years to help bodyshops boost their efficiency.

Werkstattplanung: Bodyshop Design - 3D-Modell | Glasurit
    You and your Glasurit consultant work together to determine your goals and desires and estimate the potential of your bodyshop for the next three to five years.
    After completing the needs analysis, your consultant will help you identify the number of employees and workbays you need, along with the machines and equipment you will require.
    Your consultant will use a computer to generate a real-life, three-dimensional model of your new bodyshop – with suggestions for the shortest possible distances, logically arranged workbays and structured workflows.
    With the computer-generated layout plan, your consultant will present you with the results of the calculations and discuss potential modifications with you.
    In the final step, your consultant will add up the costs of the bodyshop you have planned and give you an overview of the expenses and the amount you need to invest.

    Would you like to have your bodyshop designed with Glasurit? Then contact our experts for personal advice.

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Werkstattplanung: Bodyshop Design - 3D-Modell Lackiererei | Glasurit
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