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Glasurit 923-55 MS Extra Matt Clear

Glasurit 923-55 MS Extra Matt Clear


  • Extra mat, plasticised (gloss: 22 ± 3 at an angle of 60 degrees)
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 923-55 MS Extra Matt Clear

Two-pack clear for mat basecoat/clearcoat finishes. In order to achieve different gloss levels, you can mix the product with Glasurit 923-57 MS Clear mat elastified. For further information, please refer to S12 "Mat Clear System".

Glasurit 923-55 MS Extra Matt Clear
Application notes
  • Select hardener and reducer according to ambient temperature and size of object to be painted.
  • Suitable for the repair of extremely mat OEM finishes.
  • Suitable for finishing bumpers, etc.
  • Can be used without Softface Additive!

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