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Glasurit 923-144 MS-Racing Clear

Glasurit 923-144 MS-Racing Clear


  • Fast drying
  • Excellent polishing behaviour.
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 923-144 MS-Racing Clear

Quick and profitable solution for minor repairs.
The perfect clear for spraying single panels and effecting small repairs. 923-144 MS Racing Clear helps gain time because it cures within 15 minutes at 60ºC. Air drying is no problem either. MS Racing Clear allows you to keep the repair area small, which reduces product usage and consequently saves costs. With its excellent polishing behaviour 923-144 gives a superb finish in no time. In contrast to other clears that claim very short drying times this clear does not require the use of special catalysts. And it goes without saying that it can be used with other Glasurit products. With 923-144 MS Racing Clear Glasurit customers gain flexibility for minor repairs without making concessions as regards quality.

Glasurit 923-144 MS-Racing Clear
Application notes
  • MS clear for basecoat/clearcoat systems.
  • For use in quick repair on single panels or in spot repairs.

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