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Glasurit 923-109 HS UV Clear

Glasurit 923-109 HS UV Clear


  • Select hardener and reducer according to ambient temperature and size of object to be painted.
  • Application in one spraycoat (on vertical surfaces): use 2:1 mixing ratio.
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 923-109 HS UV Clear

A special light stabiliser makes this high-solids UV clear extremely lightfast. 923-109 was developed to meet the demanding specifcations of leading carmakers. The key issue was lightfastness, which is particularly important in countries with high UV radiation levels such as Australia and New Zealand. Glasurit 923-109 HS UV Clear has excellent application properties and gives refnishes a brilliant appearance. On hard plastics, you may use the clear without Softface Additive. To adjust the product to the conditions in your bodyshop, a range of hardeners and reducers is available. By applying two spraycoats – or perhaps only one coat in the case of single panels – you will achieve perfect and lightfast refnishes, irrespective of whether it is a minor repair or a complete respray. 923-109 HS UV Clear can be used both in the RATIO Aqua System with 90 Line, and the RATIO Classic System with 55 Line.

Glasurit 923-109 HS UV Clear
Application notes
Improved UV protection to optimise yellowing resistance in extreme sunlight, high solids content, fast curing, good polishing behaviour and tape resistance

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