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Paints for classic cars

Extensive expertise. Top service. For your classic car.

Has your paintwork seen better days? We have the solution!

130 years of practical experience make Glasurit the international partner of choice when it comes to refinishing classic vehicles. The solution you're looking for is: Glasurit Classic Car Colors! Our service provides you with professional support with everything from finding the right paint color to a network of specialist bodyshops, and thus the answers to two of the most frequent questions concerning classic car refinishing:

  • How can I find the original color? The Glasurit color database allows you to determine every original paint color - including for historic vehicles.
  • How can I find a competent bodyshop? Glasurit's classic network currently includes over 150 workshops throughout Europe that have the experience and specialist knowledge required for repairing and restoring historic vehicles.

You can find the brief answer to both questions at:

The most comprehensive color archive there is

Sought – found!

Glasurit has been collating automotive paint colors and mixing formulas since the infancy of the automobile. The result is the
largest database of paint colors for classic and vintage vehicles in the world – and it grows by the day.

  • over 250,000 original colors
  • over 650,000 mixing formulas
  • comprehensive library of numerous color programmes

With just a few clicks, you can find the best color match for your classic vehicle at!

Young- & Oldtimer Farben - Farbmuster Grün | Glasurit
Young- & Oldtimer Farben - Farbmuster Rot | Glasurit