Glasurit Air Drying


Unprecedented quality, process speed and low energy consumption

Glasurit®, the premium refinish paint brand of BASF, introduces the new Eco-Balance Air-Drying direct-to-metal primer filler A-U-63. The new primer filler offers outstanding sprayability, with excellent sanding properties and corrosion resistance. This low-energy industry-leading solution creates a highly sustainable process, making it the first of its kind.


Glasurit JLR Partnership


Glasurit and Jaguar Land Rover Australia


Lucid testimonial


Lucid embraced sustainability and efficiency in EV manufacturing

Sustainability is integral to Lucid’s mission as an EV manufacturer, and the company is committed to creating a more sustainable automotive industry.


Emil Frey Racing Glasurit


Glasurit® and Emil Frey Racing will work together as strong partners

Glasurit®, BASF's premium paint brand, stands for innovation, sustainability and durability. Emil Frey Racing is part of the Swiss family-owned company Emil Frey, which is active in the automotive industry in several European countries and will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. Now the two players will combine their long-standing experience and expertise to work together as strong partners.


135 y


135 years of Paint History at the Top

135 years ago, Max Winkelmann laid the cornerstone for his company that spawned the world’s successful Glasurit automotive refinish brand. Since then, Glasurit has not only participated in the developments of the paint technologies but has also played a key role in shaping them, going down in paint history time and time again.

One of the first paint products developed by Winkelmann was the paint color crystal white, an absolute innovation of its time. Up until then, it was usual in Germany to apply pigments and paint in two successive coats. Winkelmann’s revolutionary idea of combining pigments and binders in a single ready-for-use product made application much easier back in the day and also substantially increased the durability of the coating. This philosophy – developing products that make it easy for users to achieve first-class results – continues to serve as Glasurit’s basis for success today.


Radar schema


Glasurit launches new Radar and Sensors e-learning program for OEM body shop customers

Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly including next-generation ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) applications and features to their cars and trucks to assist drivers in gaining awareness of their surrounding space, detecting possible sources of danger, reducing the chance of accident and more.


Bentley European Round Table


Bentley European Paint & Body Round Table 2023

For the first time, on May 23rd, the European Bentley Paint & Body Round Table in Europe was held at the BASF Coatings Münster site in Germany. Following high-quality standards in the warranty paint-work repairs, Glasurit Automotive Refinish Paints is the only approved paint brand for repairs in the aftermarket of the Bentley Paint & Body network. Glasurit was honored to host the event at the BASF Coatings Münster site, including a visit to the Automotive Refinish Color Laboratory and Glasurit Refinish Competence Center. Delegates from The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg exchanged on the general and technical updates of the Bentley Paint & Body Network and followed the Programme’s review, Standards and best practices that result in vehicles being restored back to factory standard in a globally consistent manner.



Leading EV Solutions

With the tremendous growth and variety of electric vehicles on the road, Glasurit Automotive Refinish Coatings helps its OEM customers and partners take charge of EV! Greener, cleaner and more sustainable #ecoeffective solutions from our premium paint brand #Glasurit contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint whilst ensuring our customers have the right solutions to meet the needs of the EV segment.


Global Solutions


Glasurit Global Solutions - Visionary

Let us take you one step ahead in collision repair with the latest in sustainable and digital solutions from Glasurit Automotive Refinish Coatings. Lower your carbon footprint and be ready for the future of mobility with Glasurit AraClass #ecoeffective coatings for the fastest, most efficient, and greenest repairs along with our state-of-the art digital tools. Join us in this dynamic journey and share in our vision today and the future.​​​​


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