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Introducing Refinity

A digital platform designed to drive your business success.
Access solutions designed for color, learning, business management,
support and trusted partner solutions.
Designed to help you succeed in the digital age.
The Power of one!

A complete digital solution for your body shop.

Refinity will support you at every point in your body shop’s process.

From providing your painters with technical and color identification support to giving you more transparency with body shop management metrics and insights.

The Power of one!

One platform

  • Refinity offers you a unique and seamless digital experience.
  • All relevant applications available in one unique state-of-art cloud platform.
  • Refinity offers more applications than the competition.
  • You will find exclusive apps to support and improve daily operations.
  • Refinity is accessible on every device connected on the internet.

One password

  • Easy and fast Registration
  • Access to all the categories and every device (PC- tablet- phone) with one password
  • Different user profiles per company possible
  • Reach out to your BASF contact in order to open your account.

One setup

  • As everything is in the cloud, updates happen automatically.
  • No software is required on your hardware and all servicing is done remotely.
  • And don’t worry, your data is always saved securely in Refinity.

The solution categories powered by Refinity (Click on the individual solution)


The simplest color retrieval in the market

CLICK here to explore all details in a video.

Easy to use

  • Dynamic search feature
  • ‘Breadcrumb’ navigation menu to never get lost

Designed for the mix room

  • Designed for touchscreen
  • Screen progression & layouts to focus on formula and toner comparison
  • Easy to select undercoats, clears and mix ratios as you go

Hone in on the best solution faster

Find the right color

  • Dynamic search feature
  • Live variant ranking
  • Save & search your own sprayouts easily in the cloud

Prepare the right quantity

  • More realistic models and panel volume estimations
  • No need to redo a mix due to overpour

Accurate digital color matching

Scan & adjust

  • Scans automatically transfer to the mix queue
  • Advanced adjustment algorithms​
  • Seamless navigation from scan to mix app
  • Easily save custom formulas & sprayouts

Industry-leading color guidance

  • Make better decisions about when to make a sprayout
  • Visual references of original, target, and adjusted color​
  • Toggle view face & flop on multi-angle spectral curve visualization

Be aware of your business performance and boost efficiency

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With the Inventory and Repair Order Management applications in our business category you will keep the complete overview of your paint room performance and profitability.

Inventory Management

  • Manage full portfolio of products
  • Able to setup new installations or “weigh-in” existing inventory
  • Establish minimum and maximum inventory levels
  • Add desired items to shopping cart
  • Monitor consumption trends

Repair Order Management


WIP RO snapshot



  • Quickly view and search or filter Ros by repair priority, type, due date, or assigned technican(s)
  • Edit Ros directly from the active list

Leverage job costing to maximize profitability

  • Track consumption for each product mixed
  • Apply paint related product templates
  • Generate profitability reports and job costing invoices

Learning Library

CLICK here to explore all details in a video.

  • Detailed information on process and products and business solutions
  • Immediate support for technical questions
  • 80+ tutorials and videos
  • Link to TDS and MSDS

Learning University

  • 20+ Interactive eLearning modules and courses
  • Microlearning and quizzes
  • Assessments and certificates
  • Training calendar hosting all kind of trainings


CLICK here to explore all details in a video.

Increase your business efficiency

Tap into solutions from the partners we trust to increase efficiency and profitability throughout the whole body shop process.



CLICK here to explore all details in a video.

You need help?

Get direct support by one of our technicians in your region via chat.



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Your favorite apps organized.

Build your own list of apps you use frequently.

The power of one!

Apply for your account and reach out to your local Glasurit contact!