Introducing Refinity

BASF's very own digital platform designed to drive business success. Access modules for Colour Retrieval, Learning & Training, Inventory & Repair Order Management, e-Commerce, Reporting and Support. Refinity is designed to help your business succeed in the digital age.
refinity Glasurit

A complete digital solution for your body shop.

Refinity: An All-in-One Cloud Solution

From providing your painters with technical and colour identification support, to giving you more transparency on body shop management metrics and insights.

One platform

  • Refinity offers you a unique and seamless digital experience.

  • All relevant applications are available in one unique state-of-art cloud platform.

  • Refinity offers more applications than the competition.

  • You will find exclusive apps to support and improve daily operations.

  • Refinity is easily accessible on all devices connected to the internet.

One password

  • A quick and simple registration process.

  • Access Refinity on any device (PC- tablet- phone) with one password.

  • Create different user profiles per account.

  • Reach out to your BASF contact to open your account today.

One setup

  • Automatic and frequent colour updates.

  • Setup can be completed remotely.

  • Data and privacy is securely stored in Refinity.

The future of colour identification is here.

Introducing Refinity colour tools, designed to work in sync with the painter in the body shop. Formula retrieval has never been easier, with access to the word's largest colour database.

Increase your performance with Refinity’s business tools

All the features required to manage the various workflows of your business. From managing inventory, tracking repair orders, ordering products and even creating detailed reports.

Brush up on your skills with Refinity’s training modules.

Get up to speed on any new products and processes. Whatever your goal, Refinity will help you get there.

Partners, Support, Favorites

There are loads of great features on Refinity, such as technical support, integrated solutions from our partners and feature customisation.

Together we'll find the right solution for your business.

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