Superior quality for an invisible repair

The perfect colour match is key for a reliable and efficient repair job. By using the world's largest colour database from Glasurit, this process is quick and easy. Explore all of our innovative digital colour solutions and tools that will take your colour retrieval to the next level.
Trending in Colour

Trending in colour

Refinity will take your colour retrieval into a new digital frontier.

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From selecting the right product and solution to advice on color matching - we can help.
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Our colour expertise

World-class colour retrieval

All you need to do is scan the colour and the results instantly appear in Refinity with the exact formula you need.
Color Competence - Color retrieval

The world's largest colour database

From Toyota to GM, Audi to Ford, our online database gives you detailed information on millions of colours and the correct mixing formulas of cars from around the world, 24-7.
Color Competence - Color database

Colour expertise for classic cars

With 130 years of automotive history, we've created the world's largest colour database with more classic car colours than any other manufacturer. Whatever the brand, no matter its age – you’ll find a perfect match.
Color Competence - Classic cars

The future of automotive paint colours

Each year, designers for BASF’s Coatings division create a new collection to inspire automotive designers around the globe. The NEW ARRAY collection provides innovative shades with an increasing focus on sustainability and functionality, while still moving into new and exciting colour spaces.
Color Competence - Future Colors

Our colour tools & services

Top tools for the perfect colour match

To make colour identification quick and effective, we’ve developed a series of powerful tools, ranging from special colour tools to full digital solutions. Regardless of which system or which combination you choose - our tools will help you achieve the perfect refinish colour quickly, easily and reliably.
Color Competence - Color Spectro

Colour Spectro

Let Glasurit's RATIO Scan 12/6 do the colour matching for you. Our spectrophotometer features a variety of intelligent technologies that allow it to quickly deliver reliable colour solutions.
Color Competence - color management system

Powered by Refinity

Colour Management System - Refinity

Refinity offers features such as a simple database search, conventional colour tool integration and is connected to the Glasurit RATIO Scan spectrophotometer.
Color Competence - Color matching

Colour Matching

The Glasurit Colour Profile System (CPS) is a sophisticated system of colour chips coated with original paint. The front shows the colour and on the back is the colour code so you can easily find the correct mixing formula in our database.
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Classic Car Colours

As paint experts with more than 130 years of experience under our belts, we can advise and support you in all aspects of vintage colours and paintwork.

The simplest colour retrieval in the market

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