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Four years ago, Glasurit, the premium refinish paint brand of BASF, introduced a groundbreaking waterborne basecoat system – 100 Line. It focused on sustainability, process efficiency and the highest product quality to help businesses enhance performance. Now it has been tried and tested in over 1000 body shops across 20 countries, with outstanding proven benchmark results as the world's leading waterborne refinish paint system.
Glasurit 100Line


Glasurit 100 Line helps body shops increase their overall performance with up to 40% less process time, making a significant difference in the throughput and profitability of every body shop, compared to a standard basecoat line in the market. Due to 100 Line’s advanced formulation, it also reduces material consumption by up to 30% for every application. And now, to increase efficiency even more, Glasurit has launched 100-MPT, which allows customers to reuse mixes from previous jobs – leading to an additional 20% less consumption and 50% faster process time.

Glasurit 100 Line uses innovative pigment technology which ensures customers can recreate brilliant colors with 100% accuracy across the entire spectrum of the automotive industry. Thanks to its tri-coat process, 100 Line’s color stability is very robust and highly resistant to external influences. Customers can easily and quickly identify the precise colors and gain access to millions of color formulas using Glasurit’s color database. Glasurit 100 Line has also been able to turn some 3-stage colors into 2-stage colors for a simplified process, unbeatable speed and increased sustainability.

“We are so excited to truly lead the industry by enabling our customers and shops to become the fastest, greenest and most colorful repair specialists out in the market with our award-winning 100 Line. We’ve taken market feedback, worked with customers and partners, and improved our formulations and processes to step up the game in outstanding performance and sustainability,” said Jane Niemi, Head of Global Marketing, BASF Automotive Refinity Coatings Solutions.

Glasurit 100 Line is the first basecoat line on the market with a VOC value below 250 g/L, which is a pioneering 40% below the EU solvent limit. It also exceeds all global VOC requirements. To go one step further, Glasurit launched 100 Line Extreme to keep VOC at <250g/L, even in the hottest or coldest environments.

Customers now benefit from spot repairs and blended training available across the whole product family, as more body shops start using Glasurit 100 Line around the world. 

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