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Basecoat & Topcoat Systems

100 line

Glasurit 100 Line

Glasurit 100 Line stands for the highest eco-effectiveness, helping our customers to grow, become more competitive and, at the same time reduce their environmental impact.

90 line

Glasurit 90 Line

Glasurit 90 Line has been an award-winning technology for the highest-quality repairs since it was launched in 1992.

68 line

Glasurit 68 Line

Glasurit 68 Line can be used flexibly for applications ranging from original coating to refinishing and offers the perfect solution for all vehicles, from tippers to buses.

Glasurit 55 Line

With 55 Line, Glasurit offers you high-end product quality for solventborne basecoat/clearcoat systems. 55 Line ensures first-class results, high profitability, and ease of application. 55 Line basecoats feature optimum flow, very good levelling, pure colours, a magnificent finish quality and excellent surface hardness. Its low material consumption and short flash-off times are the benefits that make 55 Line so cost-effective. Added to this, 55 Line is easy to apply – a result of the clearly-structured workflows and the great reliability and design of the Glasurit RATIO Classic System. And not to forget, quick and accurate colour identification with Refinity formula retrieval.
55 line

Glasurit 22 Line and 22 Line VOC

A single paint layer is really all you need to obtain perfect application results using 22 Line high-solid topcoats. Their particularly high solid content gives these topcoats outstanding hiding power. They have a reduced solvent content and a huge spreading rate. When it comes to application, they offer bodyshops genuine advantages in the form of first-rate flow and rapid drying properties. The 22 Line topcoat system has successfully proved itself on the market for many years. Glasurit 22 Line topcoats are perfectly integrated into the Glasurit RATIO HS System and, as a result, can be used particularly economically.
22 line

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