Glasurit® introduces the Alfa CR4/CR6, Powered by Refinity

The revolutionary, fully automatic mixing machine: The optimal combination of speed and accuracy Can perform up to six mixes in less than 15 minutes Exclusively with Glasurit 100 Line, the most sustainable waterborne paint line
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Glasurit, BASF's premium paint brand, is introducing the fully automatic mixing machine Alfa CR4/CR6, powered by Refinity which will offer a 100% digital color retrieval experience for bodyshops. With the Alfa CR4/CR6, painters can now complete up to six mixes in less than 15 minutes, which is a groundbreaking achievement in terms of speed and accuracy. From the ability to complete six mixes at once to reducing paint waste, the Alfa CR4/CR6 will transform the refinishing process into an even more sustainable one.

End-to-end efficiency

The Alfa CR4/CR6, powered by Refinity, dramatically accelerates the throughput with 100 Line. The fully integrated and connected mixing machine converts digital color retrievals into perfectly accurate mixes and allows bodyshops to benefit from a high-performance digital experience. Refinity, Glasurit's cloud-based digital platform, offers body shops and painters an exclusive seamless digital experience for all their business solutions.

The Alfa CR4/CR6, Powered by Refinity, leads to direct benefits for customers and painters.

1)    Increased process efficiency: The machine comes with less manual effort, fewer mistakes and an outstanding speed performance, producing up to six mixes in less than 15 minutes. Compared to six manual mixes which can take an average time of six minutes each, body shops can save up to 60% of time with the new Alfa CR4/CR6 mixing machine. Additionally, and crucially, the machine optimizes the daily workload of painters and leads to a higher satisfaction at work.

2)    Streamlined consumption: The fully automatic mixing machine reduces paint waste, optimizes consumption and leads to less rework through improved color accuracy.

"We are really excited to deliver to our body shops and customers the fastest and most accurate digital color experience ever with Glasurit.  The new Alfa CR4/CR6 brings speed, precision and ease to the entire color process, streamlining and alleviating workflow and workload from our teams driving efficiency" said Jane Niemi, Head of Global Marketing – Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions. “Sustainability plays an important role in here. Product waste is reduced and by using our most sustainable waterborne basecoat line, 100 Line, we help body shops reduce their environmental impact.”

The Alfa CR4/CR6 will be first launched in Europe, Middle East, and South Africa from March 2024.

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