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Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6

Digital. Efficient. Excellent.

Let Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 do the color matching for you. Glasurit’s spectrophotometer features all kinds of intelligent technology and automatically delivers reliable color solutions in a flash via Glasurit Color Online, the world's largest color database. Glasurit therefore offers you a solution for all-around digital color matching in your body shop that is unrivaled on the market.

Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6

  • Uses two light sources – a blue and a white LED – to cover six photos and 12 geometries. This enables the color and texture of the pigments to be precisely analyzed and allows even "difficult" colors to be identified reliably.
  • Uses a certified Wi-Fi connection to reliably transmit the measurement data to the Glasurit Profit Manager Pro, even across longer distances. While one employee measures the color in the area outside the body shop, another employee can already start mixing the colors.
  • Perfectly digitally connected with the Glasurit Profit Manager Pro color and materials management system and Glasurit Color Online, the world’s largest color database. For a completely digitalized process – efficient and reliable.
  • Color visualizations and spectral curves will help you evaluate the spectrophotometer’s suggestions. You will thus see with your own eyes that you can rely on the best measurement results from your Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6.

Unique – only Glasurit’s spectrophotometry offers you the following features:

  • BASF-patented search and correction algorithms -> for automatic suggestions for correction and extremely reliable solutions
  • Connection via the Glasurit Profit Manager Pro to Color Online, the world’s largest and most comprehensive color database -> up-to-date worldwide, contains all colors of all major car manufacturers with OEM and special colors, as well as service mixing formulas

It’s this easy: Exact color measurement

The portable spectrophotometer offers you maximum user convenience and reliability with a color touch display, intuitive menu navigation and a non-slip housing.

  1. Hold the portable scanner on the vehicle body.
  2. Push the button to measure the color.
  3. Send the data wirelessly to the computer or tablet.
  4. Load the data in the respective order in the Glasurit Profit Manager Pro.
  5. Review the suggested solution based on the color visualizations and spectral curves, if needed.
  6. Select the desired mixing formula.
  7. View the mixing formula for directly mixing the color on the display.
  8. Either weigh the mixing formula directly at the scale or have the Daisy Wheel mix it immediately.

All the advantages at a glance

Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 has been specially developed for body shops that wish to increase their efficiency with a completely digital color-matching process.

  • Accelerates the color-matching process for all paint systems.
  • Uses a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Is integrated in the Glasurit Profit Manager Pro.
  • Offers exact solutions, including for the latest colors.
  • Is easy to use.
  • Includes a large color database for reading various colors.
  • Encompasses a system solution for all-around digital color matching and the connected mixing room.

Has the idea of color measurement with Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 convinced you? Then contact our experts for personalized advice.
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