Body Shop BOOST

Body Shop BOOST is a digital, holistic assessment tool covering the full scope of a body shop including body, paint, mechanical, sustainability and further infrastructure-relevant elements. We analyze your current performance across your whole value chain, make your potential transparent in our cloud-based tool and consult and support you on how to realize it. Our target is clear: We make you more profitable.
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Body Shop BOOST

We make your business transparent

We make your business transparent. We show you how your business performs. We make everything measurable and track your KPIs. You can compare different locations with each other and set a benchmark.
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Together we will improve your profit

We will show you your potential and how you can get there. There is always room for improvement. We will create a milestone plan to achieve your goals. We will reduce your key to key time, cut costs and improve revenue.
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The partner of choice of OEMs

The partner of choice of OEM. You have an upcoming OEM Audit? You want to gain OEM approval? With our assessment and milestone plan we will lead you towards an approval.
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Get greener

Get greener. We help you to get a greener body shop and improve your ecological footprint. Position yourself as a green pioneer!
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Transforming Sternauto

How Body Shop BOOST Doubled Weekly Jobs!

Body Shop BOOST Process

How we operate

Kick-Off Meeting

We start with a kick-off meeting to get to know each other and to introduce Body Shop BOOST

1. Pre-assessment

Pre assess

Evaluating Key Areas

We conduct an on-site body shop assessment based on your needs. The areas we assess: Facility and Equipment, Business and workshop processes, Repair quality, Training of staff, Business Analytics, Sustainability

2. Assessment


Collaborative Approach

We present our findings and discuss about the next steps. We also explain your weekly revenue growth opportunity and we agree on a milestone plan to implement improvements to reach the growth opportunity.

3. Post-assessment


Personalized solutions to maximize your potential

We believe in conducting regular check-ups to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments. For complete transparency, we provide live tracking of your milestones and key performance indicators through our user-friendly dashboard.

4. Development phase


Our Packages

Packages to BOOST your body shop

Holistic assessment - +12 months development

  • Paint assessment Body Shop assessment (1-2 days)

  • Development plan and project management

  • 12 months monthly online development check-ups

  • Tracked on body shop BOOST platform

Follow-up - 12 months development

Add on
  • Development plan and project management

  • 12 months monthly online development check-ups

  • Tracked on body shop BOOST platform

Training + Development

  • Diverse training programs: Advanced Estimating, Production Management, Bodyshop Process Coaching, and more.

  • Specialized training: Structural Body Repair, Practical Welding Techniques, Aluminium Body Repair, Plastic Repair.

  • Ongoing expansion for the latest industry knowledge and techniques.

Planning + development

  • As-is assessment

  • 2 scenarios of improved workflow and design (2D, 3D)

  • All-in-one contract (Architects, engineers… included)

Paint assessment + development

  • Paint assessment (1 day)

  • Development plan

  • Tracked on body shop BOOST platform

Our Values

Our Team

Team 01

Our Mission

We've introduced the first-ever digital program that offers a holistic assessment and support for decision-making across all aspects of a body shop business. By driving OEM and MSO network development, we aim to boost their part sales and become their preferred partner. Our commitment to transformation and industry excellence ensures we exceed customer expectations with trusted partners. Through our solutions, sales can concentrate on profitable future-oriented ventures and turn price negotiations into growth-oriented discussions.

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Our Purpose

Through our cloud-based BOOST solution, we digitize and automate complex processes, ensuring a streamlined experience for our clients. We prioritize an exceptional user journey, providing visually and haptically appealing steps, from assessment results to 3D shop planning. We foster continuous communication with our customers and partners throughout shop development, collaborating to achieve projected business gains. Transparency is at the core of our purpose, as we make all activities easily manageable, empowering BASF, MSOs, OEMs, and our partners to drive their profits effectively. Our ultimate goal is to redefine consultancy, making it seamless, insightful, and mutually rewarding.

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Our Story

Our purpose is to revolutionize the Automotive Refinish industry consultancy, making it easy, accessible, and visually appealing. With the first-ever digital program, we holistically assess and support body shop businesses, streamlining processes through our cloud-based BOOST solution. Collaborating closely with our valued customers and partners, we drive continuous improvement, transparency, and remarkable user experiences. Our story is one of excellence, exceeding expectations, and setting new industry standards. Join us on this path of growth, where consultancy becomes effortless, insightful, and mutually rewarding. Together, we'll shape a brighter future for the Automotive Refinish industry, turning possibilities into realities.

Together we'll find the right solution for your business.

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