Sustainable solutions

At Glasurit, we believe in helping you achieve long-term and sustainable bodyshop success. Become a leader in the collision industry and bolster your sustainability contributions and position with Glasurit solutions.
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Sustainable solutions

The colourful way to be green

For Glasurit, sustainability means aligning economic success with social and ecological responsibility. To ensure business success is long-lasting, you need to consider people and the environment in your activities. The best part is that sustainable actions can pay off directly for bodyshops. For example, Bodyshops that use our basecoats, with excellent hiding power, use less materials, conserving resources and saving money. And since they use less energy, thanks to our extremely fast-drying undercoats and clearcoats, these bodyshops protect the environment, saving energy costs at the same time. It’s what we call #EcoEffectiveness. Environmentally-friendly AND business-friendly. It’s the best of both worlds.

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