Glasurit 100 Line

Eco friendly paint to improve your business efficiency.
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Elevate your business efficiency

Elevate your business efficiency

Faster application - maximized profits

Stunning from every angle

Faster application - maximized profits
  • Fast application with very good hiding power and surface hardness

  • Highly efficient processes for easier, faster and more reliable work

  • Convenient dosing of the basecoat colours due to their optimum consistency

  • Easy finishing for flawless overcoating and tape resistance for multi-colour finishes

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Colour competence is in our nature

Brilliant pigments for a flawless finish
  • Brilliant pigments for a flawless finish

  • Use of cutting-edge pigment technology to create the colour variety of the future

  • Excellent colour stability, robust in its application and resistant to external influences

The colourful way to be green

100 Line keeps the environment beautiful with lower emissions compared to other paint systems and is highly efficient due to extremely short flash-off times and low energy consumption

below solvent limit

Pioneering: 40% below solvent limit - exceeds all global VOC requirements


First basecoat line on the market with a VOC value < 250 g/l and thus especially environmentally friendly
Three birds

Speed. Efficiency. Perfection.

Reduces process times and complexity.
  • Extremely simple to use thanks to smooth paint and blend in processes

  • Optimum balance of hiding power and process reliability with brilliant colour matching

  • Highly efficient 3-layer system is industry-leading due to short application, process and flash-off times

  • Best technology with longest product shelf life on the market

Your Benefits

Glasurit 100 Line offers new, powerful product features designed to elevate your business efficiency.
↓ 35%

Optimized process times

On average, savings up to 35% are possible compared to a standard basecoat line in the market.

Reduced material consumption

On average, savings up to 20% are possible compared to a standard basecoat line in the market.

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