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Spot Repair

Brilliant business with small damage repairs

Successful, easy and efficient: Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair is your professional system for cost-efficient repairs of cosmetic damage to the finish. You and your customers will benefit equally from the special process developed by Glasurit.

Spot Repair - mit Profit Manager Pro | Glasurit

Benefits for your customers:

  • Spot repair (also referred to as smart repair) is a refinish process that makes cosmetic damage repair profitable, since it combines quality with fast completion and an attractive price.
  • Spot repair is so cost-efficient that refinishing the vehicle will pay off for your customers – adding value before they sell a vehicle or simply preserving its value.

Benefits for your bodyshop:

  • Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair is a system that guarantees additional business for your bodyshop – because you can now offer your customers a refinishing solution for cosmetic damage that is both high-quality and cost-efficient.
  • With Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair, refinishing small scratches and stone chipping dents, as well as other cosmetic blemishes, is economical.
  • In addition, you’ll win new customers and gain more cosmetic damage repair work.

The Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair system includes three components:

  • Glasurit 352-500 Spot Blender
  • Professional Spot Repair training
  • A special spot repair refinishing process

This combination allows you to repair scratches and dents in 60 to 90 minutes, because it eliminates disassembly, reassembly and the need to manoeuvre vehicles from one workbay to another.

Spot Repair - Lackierung | Glasurit
Spot Repair - Polierung | Glasurit
Spot Repair - Lackierung | Glasurit
Spot Repair - Lackierung | Glasurit

One system – many advantages:

  • Makes small damage repairs economically practical – for bodyshops and car owners.
  • Expands the range of services and opens up new target groups
  • Encourages additional business with cosmetic damage repair
  • Facilitates affordable, top quality repairs with excellent colour accuracy
  • Offers a complete solution comprising products and training to Glasurit’s premium quality