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Refinishing classic cars

Glasurit Classic Car Colors

As paint experts with 130 years of experience under our belts, we can advise and support you regarding all aspects of vintage colours and paintwork. We offer you professional support with our Glasurit Classic Car Colors service, where you will find tips on how to achieve first-class classic car refinishing results.

Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Heck | Glasurit
Young- & Oldtimer Farben - Muster Rot | Glasurit

Looking for a qualified bodyshop?

Refinishing and repairing classic cars calls for a great deal of experience and sensitivity. For this reason, we recommend that you only have your refinishing work carried out by a bodyshop that specialises in accident repair or restoration of classic cars.

Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Karosserie | Glasurit
Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Karosserie 2 | Glasurit
Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Karosserie 3 | Glasurit
Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Front | Glasurit
Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - restauriert | Glasurit
Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Modell | Glasurit

Looking for original colours?

Whether you want to refinish your car in the original colour or repair the original paintwork, finding the exact colour is the key factor for classic car restoration. Over the course of 130 years of automotive history, we have compiled the world's largest colour database with 250,000 colours and 600,000 mixing formulas. Find the best colour solution:

Paints for classic cars:

Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Farbtonfindung | Glasurit
Young- & Oldtimer Farben - Farbmuster Grün | Glasurit

Our commitment for the best classic car service

Our commitment and vast expertise have made us a sought-after partner of classic car owners and clubs, insurance companies and appraisers around the globe, such as the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA), the international federation of historic vehicles.

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Refinishing methods for classic cars

Under Downloads, you will find instructions for refinishing your classic car, including refinishing methods for old paintwork, as well as information on repairing plastics and restoring wood elements.

1Our paint expertise and company history extend back to the early days of the automobile in 1888, the year Bertha Benz undertook the world's first road trip in a car with a combustion motor.

Young- & Oldtimer lackieren - Vorher - Nachher | Glasurit