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Paint systems and methods

The right paint for every requirement

Waterborne basecoats

Glasurit RATIO Aqua Eco-friendliness that pays off

Glasurit is totally committed to waterborne technology and is the market leader in this field. It boasts material savings of 20% compared to older systems, and competing products consume 40% more material. These are just two of the reasons to choose 90 Line. The product’s very low solvent content, quick application and flash-off times, as well as short dwell times in the booth, all increase its contribution to environmental conservation. It's even easier to apply, even more economical and even more reliable!
Glasurit 90 Line

Reihe 90 Historie

Basecoat/clearcoat system

Glasurit RATIO Classic tried and tested high-end refinishing

The first basecoat/clearcoat system: when 54 Line was introduced in the 1960s, it was a pioneer in terms of technology, being the very first mixing system for metallic paint and a fantastic success, ahead of competitors’ paints.
An improved basecoat/clearcoat system: with 55 Line, we offer all customers wishing to work with a solvent-borne basecoat/clearcoat system a modern and high-performance basecoat line. Not only does it offer excellent product characteristics and the best results but, compared to its predecessor, it also achieves material savings of over 40% per paint job for mixing bases.
Glasurit 55 Line

Glasurit Reihe 55 Magic Collection

High-solids paints

Glasurit RATIO HS A more effective way to achieve your aim, using less solvent.

Our high-solids (HS) technology represents real progress: the products stand out for their high solids and notably lower solvent content. Our chromate-free HS primer filler and HS clearcoat offered convincing results early on, and the launch of Glasurit 22 Line Topcoat represented a breakthrough for direct-gloss refinishing.
Convincing product performance, a high-quality formulation and Glasurit 22 Line Topcoat’s extremely economical application properties have brought distinct technological advantages to the bodyshop – a perfect example of how our customers benefit from simple and easy-to-use processes, just as we do.
Glasurit 22 Line

Glasurit Reihe 22

Paints for commercial vehicles

Glasurit RATIO Truck Special requirements, special solutions

Practical experience tells us that commercial vehicle finishing calls for special processes and products. The Glasurit RATIO Truck System is finely tuned to meet these needs. Whether using high-solids topcoats or waterborne products, the Glasurit RATIO Truck System is quick and easy to handle and very efficient, ensuring optimum results with high profitability.
Glasurit 68 Line

Glasurit Reihe 68

Spot repair paint

Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair A multitude of possibilities for small damages

With Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair, refinishing small scratches and stone chipping dents, as well as other cosmetic blemishes, is cost-efficient. So cost-efficient, in fact, that repairs pay off for your customers – adding value before they sell a vehicle or simply preserving its value. Not to mention, offering cosmetic damage repair will help you win new customers and gain additional business.
Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair

Glasurit 352-500 Spot Blender
Spot Repair - Lackierung | Glasurit