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OEM approvals for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Glasurit, approved by leading manufacturers

Glasurit is a rare breed. There is little competition when it comes to the number of approvals granted by car manufacturers. As of today, approvals have been granted by more than 50 car manufactures.


From comprehensive tests to global approval

A car manufacturer does not grant technical approval until it has carried out intensive tests and thoroughly checked whether the quality of Glasurit automotive refinish products meets the stringent requirements of automotive OEM coatings. The technical approval is then laid down in a contract and is valid for a region or the entire international market. Detailed agreements on aspects such as delivery, training or services are signed at a national level. Each car manufacturer’s approval thus documents that Glasurit’s innovative product systems, colour management, and comprehensive shop support make it the ideal partner for any car dealer and any bodyshop.

OEM-Freigaben für PKW und NFZ - Fahrzeug | Glasurit
OEM-Freigaben für PKW | Glasurit

Advantages for bodyshops

  • Glasurit products and product systems have been approved by over 50 car manufacturers worldwide.
  • For bodyshops, working with paint products and systems approved by car manufacturers is a crucial factor for success.
  • An approval guarantees customers that their vehicles will undergo top-quality refinishing, not dissimilar to a repair with original parts.
  • These days, brand-linked bodyshops are gaining in significance, making top-of-the-line refinishing an important competitive edge.
OEM-Freigaben für LKW | Glasurit
OEM-Freigaben für NFZ | Glasurit