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The Glasurit brand can already look back on one hundred years of paint history. The name Glasurit stands for the highest quality standards, first-class paint products and innovative research results. As a worldwide leading expert in the field of refinishing, Glasurit offers its customers suitable solutions when it comes to making painting easier, more reliable and more economical.

Here we would like to share how the brand came into being and present the innovative products Glasurit has used to set standards time and again.

1888 Our history begins:

In 1888 Max Winkelmann founds a lacquers and paints company in Hamburg. Soon after he also opens his own paint factory.

1893 The success begins with white:

His first paint is marketed under the name ‘Crystal White’. The uses of this white enamel, originally used for ocean liners, soon grow. Customers of his quality products include not only major shipyards and the German Kaiser, but the Hamburg tram transport company, too.

1898 ‘Max Winkelmann’ becomes ‘Glasurit’:

10 years after founding the business, Winkelmann is already making so many different products that he decides to sell them under one name. The ‘Glasurit’ trade name was registered over 100 years ago. The name (‘Glasur’ means glaze or enamel) reflects the enamel-like glaze and hardness of paint finishes and promises quality. The ‘Mandarin head’ on the tin is already a symbol of high quality awareness.

1925 The parrot is born:

Around a quarter of a century after the introduction of Glasurit as a trade name the parrot is registered as a protected trademark. Together with the logo, the parrot gives Glasurit products an unmistakable and attractive appearance. The ‘Mandarin’ is still displayed on the packaging, but no longer in the centre.

1932 The product range is growing:

Glasurit’s chemists quickly acquire a reputation for the development of synthetic resin paints and enamels.

1945–55 The brand grows into a new era:

During the recovery period after World War II, the demand for paints increases rapidly. Once again, the needs of the customer come first. The automotive industry becomes an even more important customer. And the reputation of Glasurit’s lacquers and paints continues to grow, not only in Germany but many countries beyond.

1956 The new era of the Ara:

The parrot becomes bolder and, therefore, a stronger trademark. Its shape is more harmonious and dynamic. It becomes the sign of a great brand in the modern sense of the word.

1964 Metallics in automotive refinishing:

With the introduction of 54 Line, Glasurit proves its leadership in technology. 54 Line is a real innovation, being the first metallic basecoat line for automotive refinishing.

1965 BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Ludwigshafen:

Acquisition of Glasurit-Werke Max Winkelmann AG by BASF Aktiengesellschaft in Ludwigshafen.

1982 The Glasurit RATIO System:

In 1982, the age of efficient, simple, manageable and safe automotive refinishing processes begins, in the form of the Glasurit RATIO System. In the RATIO systems, Glasurit products are logically and systematically matched. With the help of these systems, all automotive refinishing jobs can be completed rapidly and at low cost.

1992 Glasurit 90 Line:

Glasurit brings one of the first waterborne basecoat systems to market. The 1992 Automechanika exhibition heralds the premiere of the most successful water-based refinishing system on the German and European market. Thanks to its outstanding product quality and the simple, application-friendly handling properties intrinsic to the RATIO Aqua System, the use of 90 Line guarantees perfect refinishing results. However, the main emphasis is on reducing solvent content, thereby increasing the system’s environmentally friendly properties. In short, 90 Line is simple, economical and reliable.

1995 Glasurit 22 Line:

Achieve more with less solvent! Glasurit takes another step towards increased eco-efficiency for bodyshops when it introduces Glasurit 22 Line as a high solids refinishing system for solid-colour finishes. The higher solids content means less solvent, combined with significant savings across material and processing time.

1996 Glasurit 55 Line:

1996 sees the launch of Glasurit 55 Line, a new product for solvent-borne basecoat/clearcoat refinishing that surpasses even the product performance of the successful Glasurit 54 Line.

2000 Glasurit RATIO Concept Plus:

The fitness program for bodyshops. The Automechanika exhibition in 2000 marks the debut of Glasurit RATIO Concept Plus, the comprehensive package for increased efficiency and improved workflows relating to the management of bodyshops. With this package, Glasurit completes its progression from a simple paint supplier to a complete solutions provider for all problems in and around the bodyshop. A particular highlight is Glasurit RATIO Spot Repair, the efficient, low-cost process for repairing small paintwork defects.

2002 Glasurit 90 Line celebrates its anniversary!

Since its launch 10 years earlier, 90 Line has become the most successful waterborne basecoat system on the European market. Well over half of all waterborne basecoats now used in Germany are made by Glasurit – reason enough to celebrate this success with all its European customers. A giant promotional truck tours many European countries with information on waterborne basecoats and VOC legislation – combined, of course, with a good mixture of fun and entertainment, such as a racing truck simulator. Glasurit customers are ideally equipped for the future, as 90 Line helps them comply with all current VOC regulations.

2004 Glasurit 68 Line:

In the spring of 2004, Glasurit 68 Line sets new standards in the area of commercial vehicles, both in original coating and refinishing. As a consistent continuation of 18 Line, the VOC-compliant 68 Line exceeds everything available on the market up to now for efficiency, cost-effectiveness and process reliability.

2007 Glasurit Classic Car Colors:

Glasurit Classic Car Colors: In 2007, Glasurit creates a special service for classic car owners entitled Classic Car Colors. As a paint specialist with over 100 years of experience and one of the world’s leading automotive refinish experts, Glasurit provides useful tips and important information on all aspects of classic car refinishing.

2009 Refinish Competence Center (RCC):

Since 2009 Glasurit has provided the world’s most modern training facility for automotive refinishing at its Münster site. At the RCC, bodyshop employees use state-of-the-art technology as they learn the ins and outs of automotive refinishing on complete vehicles.

2012 Glasurit 90 Line:

Glasurit 90 Line celebrates its 20th anniversary and, as in the past, it remains the market leader in the field of waterborne paint systems. Glasurit 90 Line ensures outstanding hiding power, easy application and optimal process times and is used not only in Europe but also in Asia, as well as North and South America.

2013 ColorMotion:

Glasurit founds the ColorMotion customer network, offering its customers throughout Europe innovative solutions for business management, marketing, personnel management, infrastructure and sustainability. With this range of services and the possibility of making contacts and mutually sharing experience, in its role as a professional partner Glasurit supports its customers in developing their business successfully.

2015 The Glasurit parrot turns 90:

Happy birthday, Ara! Although the Glasurit parrot reached the proud old age of 90 in this year, it’s still as bright and colorful as ever. The parrot has been part of Glasurit trademark since 1925. The parrot, as the ambassador for the Glasurit brand, has been repeatedly tweaked and adjusted to suit the taste of the times. One thing never changes – the excellent quality that has made the traditional brand from Germany a successful global player.

Reihe 90 Historie

The success story of 90 Line started 25 years ago. As one of the first waterborne topcoat systems worldwide, 90 Line set new standards. And today, there's still no better system for achieving perfect refinishing results more simply, reliably and efficiently. The new design for our silver anniversary is testimony to our pride in this success. Help us celebrate and be part of sustainable success – with Glasurit 90 Line.