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With the grey shade concept from Glasurit, bodyshops can coordinate the filler colour with the basecoat in the best possible way – saving up to 40% basecoat with the matching grey shade!

Graustufenkonzept am Fahrzeugmodell | Glasurit

Here’s how the grey shade concept works:

  • Simply mix Glasurit 285-55 HS Primer Filler Black and 285-655 HS Primer Filler White to get the right undercoat colour.
  • Glasurit’s colour-matching tools will take you to the grey shade that best matches the basecoat colour.
  • In this way, the grey shade concept promotes efficient refinishing and ensures greater reliability in the process.
Graustufenkonzept | Glasurit
Graustufenkonzept - Identifier | Glasurit

Grey shade concept interactive

Glasurit 285-505 HS PRIMER FILLER, GREY

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