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CV / Truck Colours: Color Truck Guide


Bodyshops have long relied on the colour identification tools that make life easier day to day – this also includes the Color Truck Guide, a colour identification solution for commercial vehicles.

LKW-Farben: Color Truck Guide | Glasurit

What does the Color Truck Guide offer?

The Color Truck Guide is a collection of all colours from all commercial vehicle manufacturers, displayed on a colour swatch. Since the guide was introduced in 2003, it’s already been updated four times. Relaunched in February 2015, it now has a refreshed format with new colours.


Advantages at a glance

  • The space-saving storage box contains 11 compartments containing removable colour swatches with chips classified by colour, making colour matching quick and easy.
  • With 3,117 colours available, you can create more than 11,000 OEM colours.
  • With the colour identification tool in Color Online or Profit Manager, any colour can be identified easily using standard colours (RAL, BS, AFNOR), OEM or fleet colours, depending on the desired application.

The guide offers two options for finding the colour, either with a manufacturer's code or by comparing the colour chip directly on the vehicle. The colour chips have been painstakingly created and produced, having been measured by colourimetry and coated with high-quality 2K polyurethane paint to ensure the guide's precise colour accuracy.

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