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The portable spectrophotometer

With such a vast and complex range of colours, colour matching is increasingly difficult and takes up valuable working time. Here’s the solution: Glasurit RATIO Scan II. This portable measuring instrument gauges the colour precisely and takes you to the right mixing formula, quickly and easily.

RATIO Scan 12/6


  • Glasurit RATIO Scan II combines a high-quality colour measuring device with an application that is perfectly integrated into the Glasurit RATIO Color System
  • The portable device measures the exact colour directly from the body of the car
  • The results can then be transferred to a computer and processed with the Glasurit Profit Manager or the Glasurit Profit Manager Pro
  • With the Glasurit Profit Manager, the measurement results guide you to the matching colour chips from the Glasurit Color Profi System (CPS) and the corresponding mixing formulas. You can also weigh the mixing formula here, store customers’ colours and make the most of the other advantages offered by the Glasurit Profit Manager System


The portable spectrophotometer. Glasurit RATIO Scan II is easy to operate and finds the right colour electronically. Combined with CPS colour chips and the Glasurit Profit Manager Pro, our computerised colour management system, colour matching becomes more efficient than you ever thought possible.

  1. Hold the portable scanner on the car body.
  2. Press a button to measure the colour.
  3. Connect the scanner to your computer.
  4. Load the data in the right order in Glasurit Profit Manager / Glasurit Profit Manager Pro.
  5. Select the desired mixing formula.
  6. The mixing formula for directly mixing the colour is displayed.
  7. Matching CPS colour chips for comparing colours on the vehicle itself are displayed.
  8. Mixing formulas can be weighed straight away on the scales.
Farbtonmessung: Farbtonmessgerät RATIO SCAN - Nahaufnahme | Glasurit
Farbtonmessung: Farbtonmessgerät im Betrieb RATIO SCAN | Glasurit
Farbtonmessung am Fahrzeug: Farbtonmessgerät RATIO SCAN | Glasurit
Farbtonmessung: Farbtonmessgerät RATIO SCAN | Glasurit

The advantages at a glance

Glasurit RATIO Scan II was specially developed for larger bodyshops that frequently have to deal with difficult colour-matching tasks due to their high throughput.

  • Integrated with Glasurit Profit Manager or Glasurit Profit Manager Pro
  • Accelerates the colour-matching process
  • Exact solution for the latest colours
  • Easy to use
  • Colour database for identifying colours needed for everyday refinishing
  • System solution coordinated with the Glasurit Color Profi System (see colour retrieval)

GLASURIT RATIO SCAN 12/6: First-class colour measurement

The new spectrophotometer from Glasurit is based on Glasurit RATIO SCAN II – and is a quantum leap for colour identification. New technology makes colour identification with Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 even more precise.

  • The device covers 12 shapes and precisely analyses the colour, texture and grain size of the colour and effect pigments during the process
  • Benefit: Even ‘difficult’ colours can be matched reliably with this device
  • The Wi-Fi connection connects you to the computer in the mixing room and the world's largest colour database – Glasurit Color Online
  • Benefit: While one employee is still performing the measurements, another employee can already start mixing the colours
  • Suggested mixing formulas can be adjusted even better with BASF-patented algorithms, turning good ideas into perfect refinish solutions with the click of a mouse
  • Benefit: With Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6, the completely digitised process is so reliable that you can eliminate checks with the colour chips from the Glasurit Color Profi System – and save valuable time
  • For ultimate user convenience and safety, we provide a colour touch display, intuitive menu navigation and non-slip housing

Digital colour identification with Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 really is this simple, quick, reliable and convenient. It’s said that the future of colour identification is digital. With Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6, the future can start now at your bodyshop.

Are you convinced by the idea of colour measurement with Glasurit RATIO Scan? Then get in touch with our experts for some tailored advice.

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