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Business Seminars

Professional training for professional bodyshops

Glasurit Business Seminars give you a whole range of effective tools for measuring and improving the performance of your bodyshop – from an efficiency analysis to a structured marketing action plan.

Here's what you can expect from our seminars:

As the owner or manager of a bodyshop, you know how important it is to optimise processes and workflows consistently and market your services professionally.

Learn how to improve the output of your bodyshop in a simulated bodyshop setting with the help of realistic examples and case studies from daily life on the job. Ready-to-use checklists and guidelines, interactive roleplays and workshops as well as the opportunity for participants to exchange their own bodyshop experiences, making subsequent implementation into real-life practice easier. See for yourself!


Your plan for higher productivity and profit! Have you recognised the value of efficient work processes for your bodyshop? Do you want to increase the productivity – and thus the profit – of your business? Then the Glasurit Workflow Seminar is the right choice for you.

Professional instructors provide you with the tools you need to analyse and optimise the workflows at your bodyshop – ranging from order processing to technical implementation, as well as bodyshop management.

Business Seminare | Glasurit


On the road to success! How high are margins and productivity in different areas of your bodyshop? How can these key performance indicators be interpreted and optimised? How does your business compare to your competitors?

The Glasurit KPI Seminar provides answers to these and many other questions.

Building on the Workflow Seminar, you’ll find out how to determine your bodyshop's productivity using specific key performance indicators and how to use this knowledge for the benefit or your business.

The seminar is geared towards all bodyshop employees who have already attended the Glasurit Workflow Seminar and have basic business skills. As with all other Glasurit Business Seminars, this seminar stands out for its strong focus on hands-on practice and its interactive teaching approach.

Success is measurable and achievable – see for yourself!

Business Seminare - Logo | Glasurit
Business Seminare - Logo | Glasurit


Your action plan for more success! Are you wondering how you can jumpstart your business? Are you thinking of attracting new customers to your bodyshop with advertisements and flyers? Then the Marketing Seminar is perfect for you. Here, you will learn how to clearly define your range of services and marketing goals and communicate your message to targeted groups.

The seminar is geared towards managers and employees who want to further develop their bodyshop business systematically and on an ongoing basis. Practical checklists and examples have a motivational impact and facilitate the integration of knowhow and practical tools into everyday life on the job. Secure your future with great ideas and innovative concepts – and unlock the secret to finding customers and creating customer loyalty!

Are you interested in any of our seminars? Then please get in touch with us to set a date.

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