BASF Coatings steps up initiatives to steer sustainability criteria for global collision repair industry



◾    Increasing importance and demand for sustainability in the industry
◾    BASF in discussions with industry leading partners to establish one uniform industry-wide sustainability standard 
◾    Sustainability criteria will be tested as part of the digital business platform “Body Shop BOOST” in Austria and Switzerland


BASF's Coatings division is engaging in discussions with industry partners including industry associations, insurers, work providers, fleet and leasing operators as well as body shops to establish a global certification standard in the automotive refinish industry to manage the growing demand for sustainable accident repairs and the need to create one uniform standard based on tested criteria. In addition, it will help them to prepare for the increasing legal requirements such as CO2 emission reports.

"We observe that the importance of sustainability is increasingly recognized in our industry, yet the industry is lacking in a set of uniform tools to empower them to do so holistically. At BASF, we continue to actively promote sustainability with our products and digital solutions so our customers can take better informed and accountable decisions. By using sustainable technologies and materials, companies can save energy and CO2, reduce their own costs, and contribute to the reduction of waste," explains DR. Rahel Reichmann, Head of Sustainability, BASF Global Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions. 

First dialogues around the criteria for an industry-wide independent sustainability standard have taken place with relevant industry stakeholders in 2023. The standard draws upon a catalogue of quantitative as well as qualitative criteria from the fields of ecology, economy and social affairs. Based on these criteria, the level of sustainability of the body shop will be assessed. Aspects such as the to reduction of CO2 emissions, the efficient and profitable handling of waste and resources during the car repair process and the creation of economic and social value are considered to ensure that body shops can position themselves successfully in the long term. BASF has already started to test these criteria with pilot body shops in Germany. 

In February 2024, relevant industry stakeholders get together to an industry meeting at TÜV Rheinland in Cologne, Germany. The goal is to agree on a joint approach that works for all players in the industry to launch one independent standard for the entire collision repair industry. Starting point is the German market with the aim to eventually extend the standard to Europe and then potentially go global.

 "It is important to us to obtain a meaningful overall picture in the demanding selection of criteria, which is also practicable for the companies. This clear requirement comes from the industry – and we hope for further interested partners who want to help shape this task," explains Dr. Markus Piepenbrink, Global Sustainability at BASF Coatings.

At the same time, BASF Coatings will test the sustainability criteria as part of its digital business solution “Body Shop BOOST” with customers and partners in the pilot countries of Switzerland and Austria. The pilot is intended to show where body shops currently stand in terms of their level of sustainability and provide insights to further develop and sharpen the criteria of the planned sustainability standard.

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