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Refinish Competence Center

"Train the Trainer" global network

Glasurit is represented worldwide with its Refinish Competence Centers. At Glasurit, we always strive for excellent quality – no matter whether in Asia or Europe, Chile or Russia. For this reason, Glasurit offers a global network with its training centers and thus presents the opportunity to learn, train and perfect the skills required for the refinishing profession with Glasurit products.

Glasurit RCC W.Park
Glasurit Colour Room

We offer facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and on top of that, trainers who are trained perfectly and are always on the cutting edge. This means that the local Glasurit trainers undergo regular instruction with our Global Trainers. The latest refinishing processes and paint technologies are introduced and practiced so that your refinishing is always at the premium level!

Johannesburg Site

The Refinish Competence Centre (RCC) located in Johannesburg was officially opened in November 2014. The site is equipped with state-of-the-art technology setting the industry pace in South Africa of what a modern training centre should look like.

Refinish automotive theoretical and practical training sessions catered for both staff and customers are conducted at this site.

The RCC is also available for use by OEMs, suppliers and industry stakeholders as a platform for various activities such as seminars and product launches.

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