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Glasurit 580-100 Anti-silicone additive

Glasurit 580-100 Anti-silicone additive


  • Never add 580-100 inside the spray booth
  • Immediately remove cloths soiled with Antisilicone Additive
  • When you have used 580-100 Antisilicone Additive in the first coat, you must use it in all following coats as well (at least the same volume).
  • Do not use 580-100 in Glasurit VOC clears and 22 Line HS 2K Topcoat, VOC!
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Glasurit 580-100 Anti-silicone additive

Used to avoid craters caused by silicones (wetting defects)

Glasurit 580-100 Anti-silicone additive

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