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Glasurit 523-65 Air-Drying Additive

Glasurit 523-65 Air-Drying Additive


  • Use Glasurit 523-65 Air-Drying Additive at room temperature > 20°C only
  • Ambient temperature and film build can greatly affect the drying behavior
  • 523-65 is intended for use only in 923- 610, -625, -630. 523-65 will reduce the potlife
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Glasurit 523-65 Air-Drying Additive

Additive for accelerated air drying of Glasurit 2 component standard VOC clearcoats on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Using 523-65 will allow for a dust-free surface more quickly. Sandability, polishability and readiness for assembly will be significantly improved. 523-65 is particularly suited for bodyshops who want to save energy and dry the clearcoat at a panel temperature below 60°C. 523-65 can help to reduce the occupation times of the combi-booth and drying oven. 523-65 is particularly suited for small repairs.

Glasurit 523-65 Air-Drying Additive
Application notes
  • Shorter drying time at room temperature
  • Improved surface drying, curing and polishability

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