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Glasurit 284-30 CV RATIO Truck Sanding Filler

Glasurit 284-30 CV RATIO Truck Sanding Filler


  • suitable on all Glasurit CV primer
  • good filling properties
  • outstanding application characteristics
  • excellent sandable
  • tintable
  • suitable for large areas / surfaces
Efficiency Made in Germany

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Glasurit 284-30 CV RATIO Truck Sanding Filler

The finishing touch that produces magnificient results.
Whenever the painting results have to meet the highest standards, Glasurit 284-30 CV RATIO Truck Sanding filler is indispensable. It dries rapidly, is easy to sand, ensures perfect adhesion, and produces a magnificent finish – to put it briefly: it is the filler for perfectionists. Excellent sandability is its hallmark, for 284-30 can be sanded rapidly and excellently after only a brief drying period. The upshot of it all is that this sanding filler lays the groundwork for a brilliant finish based on the three-layer system. It is used wherever perfection is the order of the day: on buses, fire-fighting vehicles, and drivers’ cabs. And to top it all, it is highly-efficient: it cuts down drying times, reduces sanding times, and consequently even economises on sanding paper.

Glasurit 284-30 CV RATIO Truck Sanding Filler
Application notes
  • The excellent grinding behavior is its "trademark", because even after a short drying process, 284-30 can be sanded quickly and very well.
  • For example, the sanding filler provides the basis for a brilliant varnishing result in the three-layer process.
  • It is used wherever perfection is required: on buses, fire engines and driver's cabs.
  • And it is rational: it saves drying time, shortens grinding times, and also saves abrasive paper.

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