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Glasurit 151-170E Eco Balance UV primer Filler, grey

Glasurit 151-170E Eco Balance UV primer Filler, grey


  • Suitalbe for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and plastics.
  • If plastic parts are primed with 934-10 Glasurit 1K Plastic Adhesion Primer, the product can be used on all coatable plastics that are commonly used in the automotive industry.
  • Good corrosion resistance, excellent topcoat holdout.

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Glasurit 151-170E Eco Balance UV primer Filler, grey

Glasurit 151-170E Eco Balance UV Primer filler, grey - Quicker. More Efficient. More Reliable.
Repairs of minor to moderate damage to car parts such as bumpers are now among bodyshops’ most common repair jobs. And the trend is on the rise, because active safety systems in vehicles are increasingly preventing more serious damage. So for bodyshops, it’s especially important to work profitably in this segment. Glasurit 151-170 Eco Balance UV Primer Filler is a premium solution developed by Glasurit that makes repairing bumpers even more efficient and, at the same time, protects plastic substrates from deforming. Glasurit 151-170 Eco Balance UV Primer Filler, grey ideally accelerates processes for repairing minor and moderate damage. It offers outstanding adhesion to metal and plastic and, with radiation from a UV-A lamp, dries at the speed of light – without any heat developing. Perfect for the most efficient bumper repair.

Glasurit 151-170E Eco Balance UV primer Filler, grey
Application notes
  • Glasurit primer filler 151-170 Eco Balance
  • The primer filler stands out with its good corrosion resistance and excellent finish quality. It is suitable for steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and plastic.

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