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Individualized process optimization

Professional development assistance for your bodyshop

Glasurit Individual Consultancy stands for comprehensive improvements throughout your bodyshop – from receiving the order to handing over the repaired vehicle.

Individuelle Prozess-Optimierung - Ausbildung | Glasurit
Individuelle Prozess-Optimierung - Fahrzeuglackierung | Glasurit

How it works:

During an initial non-binding and free consultation, your Glasurit consultant will record all information relevant to your business and identify your individual development potential.

The consultant will then incorporate this knowledge into an action plan for optimizing your bodyshop, which is then implemented with the support of our field-tested and specially trained experts.

Individuelle Prozess-Optimierung - Lackiererei | Glasurit
Individuelle Prozess-Optimierung - Auszubildende | Glasurit
Individuelle Prozess-Optimierung - Werkstatt | Glasurit

Multiple possibilities

In contrast to other bodyshop audits, both the technical and the business aspects of your business are taken into account. And the results of the consultancy are quite impressive, including:

  • reduced turnaround times
  • motivated employees 
  • increased capacity 
  • reduced costs 
  • boosted sales 
  • improved operating results.

It’s great that your business is running well. Give it a chance to run even better!

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