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Poor hiding power


Substrate shows through. Old paintwork or body filler spots: are not hidden by the topcoat.


  1. Colour of substrate not matched
  2. Colour with poor hiding power (for example, no heavy metal pigment)
  3. Topcoat over-thinned
  4. Topcoat not stirred properly before use
  5. Paint layers applied too thinly


  1. For translucent colours, in particular (pearl effects in a three-layer system), a uniform substrate is needed
  2. For colours with poor hiding power, use Glasurit 285-95 HS Tintable Filler (see image below). Alternatively, use primer filler/surfacer mixed at a level of brightness matching the topcoat, such as Glasurit 285-55 HS VOC Primer Filler black mixed with 285-65 HS Primer Filler white, or, with the wet-on-wet method, Glasurit 285-39 VOC Non-Sanding Filler dark grey mixed with 285-38 VOC Non-Sanding Filler white.
  3. Stir the paint material thoroughly and thin only as specified
  4. Spray sufficiently thick coats and allow for sufficient flash-off times between coats (solid colours 50-70 µm, metallic effects 15-25 µm)


After drying, sand down and apply a new finish