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Glasurit 934-10 1K Plastics Primer

Glasurit 934-10 1K Plastics Primer


  • Multi-purpose adhesion promoter supplied in an aerosol can, suitable for all paintable plastics on cars.
  • Suitable filler surfacers: Glasurit 285-* HS fillers / primer fillers
  • *= Add Softface according to system
  • GRP parts: no 934-10 required.
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 934-10 1K Plastics Primer

This is just how easy it is to paint plastics: one spraycoat – that’s all 934-10 Plastics Primer needs to ensure good adhesion. This transparent primer can be used on all the paintable plastics that are commonly used in the automotive industry. To ensure reliable results, the product should be applied as part of the plastics refinishing processes recommended by Glasurit.

Glasurit 934-10 1K Plastics Primer
Application notes
Adhesion primer for plastic parts

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