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Glasurit 90-905 Alusilber

Glasurit 90-905 Alusilber


  • Substrates: Glasurit Filler / Surfacer or Primer Filler 285-, 801-72 or full cured, solvent resistant old paint work.
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 90-905 Alusilber

Special tinting base to match certain colours like BMW A80, BMW A91 or VW LZ49

Glasurit 90-905 Alusilber
Application notes
  • Observe the pretreatment in particular.
  • If the rough surface of primer filler remains, it will result in a scaly appearance.
  • If the sand-scratch marks of P500 remains, it will affect the surface quality by mottling or telegraphing the sand-scratches.
  • Use sanding guide to control the sanding process.
  • Use soft inter face pad for orbital sander.

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