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Glasurit 839-85 Multi Brushing Body Filler

Glasurit 839-85 Multi Brushing Body Filler


  • High solids content; universally suitable for use on steel sheet, galvanised steel, aluminium
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to sand
  • good adhesion
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 839-85 Multi Brushing Body Filler

Glasurit Multi Brushing Body Filler: Coarse and fine body filler applied by brushing. Modelling of profiles and contours. May also be used as fast polyester spray filler. Universally applicable for use on steel, galvanised steel and aluminium without primer.

Glasurit 839-85 Multi Brushing Body Filler
Application notes
  • Mix body filler and red hardener paste well before use (homogeneous colour, no marble effect).
  • Mix in plastic cup, apply with flat brush.
  • Clean with 352-10, -50 after use.
  • Do not apply more than 400 microns per coat; do not add more than 3% of hardener.
  • Excess peroxide will cause discoloration in the finish.
  • On poorly cured old paintwork and e-coated OEM parts, sand large area around damaged spots down to the bare metal.
  • Apply body filler to bare metal only.
  • Do not use brushing body filler on acid-treated surfaces or on surfaces primed with acid-catalysed products (etch primers).

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