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Glasurit 839-171 1K UV body filler, grey

Glasurit 839-171 1K UV body filler, grey


  • For universal use
  • Can be applied directly
  • Can be sanded immediately
  • Ready-to-use 1K product
  • UV technology saves drying time, lowers energy costs and, as it works at low temperatures, protects plastic components from deformation
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 839-171 1K UV body filler, grey

Glasurit 839-171 UV Body Filler - Squeezing out more efficiency|
To help body shops repair minor to moderate damage profitably, Glasurit has developed a special UV system that is now even more efficient thanks to Glasurit 839-171 UV Body Filler. With the UV technology, the body filler dries considerably faster and at lower temperatures than conventional body fillers, which are dried in an oven or using infrared light. This allows body shops to save time during every repair job while also lowering energy costs. Glasurit 839-171 UV Body Filler can be used on all commonly used substrates, minimizing the effort and expense required and ensuring a seamless workflow. As it comes ready-to-use from the tube with no need to add hardener, it accelerates and simplifies the process still further.
Businesses that use Glasurit 839-171 UV Body Filler boost their throughput and raise productivity, thus allowing them to “squeeze out” greater profits.

Glasurit 839-171 1K UV body filler, grey
Application notes
  • Universally applicable on steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, KTL, old paint and all paintable plastic attachments.
  • The high-solids fine putty convinces with fast drying, excellent sandability and good corrosion resistance.
  • The excellent topcoat level is added. Extra designed for the repair of small damages and scratches, to a non-porous.
  • To get repair surface. do not use in direct sunlight
  • protect from light during storage

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