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Glasurit 802-3012 CV Primer RS

Glasurit 802-3012 CV Primer RS


  • Approved on blasted steel (3-layer system) acc to DB TL918300
  • Tested and approved (3-layer system) acc to fire and smoke EN 45545-2 (Hazard Level 1-3)
  • 802-3012 needs to be over coated with 284-45 and topcoat 68 line
  • outstanding corrosion protection
  • Good topcoat finish and levelling
  • Suitable for large areas / surfaces
Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 802-3012 CV Primer RS

Steel: shot blasting acc standard grade of cleanliness SA 21/2 DIN EN ISO 12944 part 4. The substrate should be clean, free of dust, rust, mill scale, old paintwork, oil and grease. * Alu:Due to the large number of different aluminum alloys, the coating of large areas of vehicles (e. g. dropsides) or the close-to-production line coating of vehicles must be tested from a technological standpoint beforehand.

Glasurit 802-3012 CV Primer RS
Application notes
  • Vehicle manufacturing, chassis, transportation

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