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Glasurit 80-M Mixingbase Concentrate

Glasurit 80-M Mixingbase Concentrate


Efficiency Made in Germany

Glasurit 80-M Mixingbase Concentrate

Glasurit Basecoat Concentrates 80-M
The efficiency increase for Series 90. Lower layer thickness, shorter process times, increased finish. What is the turbocharger for the engine power are the base color concentrates 80-M for the opacity of Glasurit 90 series. A completely new approach in the formulation with a new aqueous base has made it possible to increase the pigment concentration. With the concentrated base colors, the opacity in the red, green and blue color groups can be significantly increased - thus further optimizing the efficiency of the globally successful Glasurit 90 series of lacquer systems. Because increased decking means less thickness for your workshop, less material consumption and shorter processing times! The Glasurit base color concentrates 80-M are an additional offer to the usual base colors of Glasurit series 90 and ideal for all workshops, which want to further increase their efficiency. Wherever the Glasurit base color concentrates 80-M help to save money, a new formula with 80-M is displayed in addition to the existing mixing formula.

Glasurit 80-M Mixingbase Concentrate
Application notes
Even more efficient: even higher decking reduces the required layer thickness and thus the material consumption and the process times.

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